Updated May 2015

Harriet’s Bakery is a licensed residential kitchen in Newton, Massachusetts. This means that our home kitchen has been licensed by the city’s department of public health and the zoning department. I have taken an allergen awareness course and passed the ServSafe Food Manager’s exam.

I am not permitted to have customers pick up their orders at my home. I bring orders to markets and otherwise make arrangements to meet customers to make deliveries. I do not mail products, however, you may choose to mail items after you have purchased them. All items except the walnut crescents freeze well.

Our 2016 Market Schedule includes (check the home page for specific dates):
Newton – Tuesdays at Cold Spring Park on Beacon Street
Wayland – Wednesdays at Russell’s Garden Center
Newton – Saturdays on Elm St. in West Newton
Waltham – Saturdays at 119 School St.

I always bring brownies, butter cookies and hazelnut- or almond- chocolate biscotti to the markets, along with an assortment of other cookies, muffins, granola. If there is something in particular that you would like, please let me know at least 4 days in advance and I will bring it. In the warm weather, I will bring frosted mint brownies only if they are ordered ahead of time.

A little bit about us…
I am not a trained baker, but I have been baking for as long as I can remember and I am a confirmed chocoholic – preferring bitter, dark chocolate. As you can see by the product list, most items have chocolate in them! I have always enjoyed baking and after careers in social work and non-profit management, I decided that I could make a better gluten-free brownie and a business was born.

I love seeing and hearing the reactions when people sample my products. If they are gluten-free, they are thrilled to find tasty treats that they can eat. If they are not gluten-free, they are usually shocked and most buy something — they appreciate good quality!

My daughter, Rebecca, often assists me at the booth. Her specialty is challah (but we do not have a GF version). She has been baking challah since she was nearly two; helping me at first, but now, I’m definitely the sous chef. Since making our kitchen gluten-free, she has to prepare and bake the bread at friends’ houses. Now she is in charge of Harriet’s Bakery’s social media contacts.